What time does the ball start?
👉 Doors open at 7:30pm, last entry is at 9:30pm.

Do I need to bring anything?
👉 You must bring a valid form of government-issued photo ID which matches the name in your ticket. If you have a member ticket, you must also bring your Linacre bod card.

How will I get my ticket?
👉 You will be emailed a QR code 48h before the event starts. If you have guests, they will receive their tickets on the email addresses provided when you registered them.

Will there be wristbands for the ball?
👉 Yes, you will be getting a wristband as soon as you enter that you must wear at all times inside the ball.

Where is the ball taking place?
👉 Linacre College.

What is the dress code?
👉 Black tie formal attire inspired by the 1920s - see more info here.

What is included in my ticket?
👉 Everything in the ball: food, drinks and great entertainment!

What is happening during the ball?
👉 See the full programme in this link.

If I leave the ball, can I re-enter it?
👉 No.

What happens if I have unregistered guests?
👉 Unregistered guests will not be admitted to the ball. If you still have unregistered guests after the registration deadline (18th of June), please email linacre.ball.hq@gmail.com